Jason Ticus

Jason Ticus is a proud Chicagoan and enthusiastic community leader.

Jason Ticus

Jason Ticus

Jason Ticus is a Chicagoan with a passion for his city.  He began experiencing the local culture and museums at a very young age.  Mr. Ticus fell in love with history at a young ages and spent a great deal of time during his formative years at The Field Museum of Natural History.  Not only has he been a member of this fine institution since his childhood, but he also enjoyed working there during his high school and college years.  In addition to his commitment to The Field, Mr. Ticus has enjoyed watching the Chicago History Museum evolve over the past several years as a member, volunteer and big fan.  “Anytime I have a guest in from out of town, or a free day to myself, I love returning to the museum and getting lost in the history of this great town.”  Whether in the exhibit halls, storage rooms or online galleries like Chicagology.com (a website dedicated to celebrating Chicago through vintage images), Jason remains active in connecting the Chicago of old with the residents and visitors of Chicago today.

Born into the cultural hub of the MidWest, Jason Ticus has spent years exploring the galleries and music venues of his hometown. Chicago is an incredible town for the arts and one which is fantastically supportive of new talent.  The art markets and festivals of Chicago have been a staple feature of the Ticus family’s evening and weekend activities since Jason was a child.  Mr. Ticus’ teen years were definitely defined by the art walks, gallery nights and monthly neighborhood events around Pilsen, Hyde Park and Wicker Park.

“I can honestly say that as a young person, while still not old enough to go out to bars and clubs, events like SOFA Chicago, “Around the Coyote”, and get-togethers at the legendary Urbis Orbis gave me a glimpse of life beyond high school- a life of vibrant, passionate people living and working to give form to their vision.”  It’s a sentiment that hits very close to home for Jason Ticus,  “Chicago has an incredible creative pulse; we’re a town a the center of a great number of creative threads across different media and industries. Growing up here has been a wonderful opportunity, and to come up in this town and be a part of it over the years is something I carry with me wherever I travel and expand my business. Chicago stays with you. It’s my core.  I love this town.”

Neighborhoods change, and the cultural scene is constantly evolving and migrating through different formats. Events and venues come and go over the years, but the creative pulse of this city remains one of the world’s finest.  It’s not going to always be something you read about in the weekly paper, but Chicago’s finest and brightest are constantly reinventing what it means to be a modern creative in one of the world’s most stimulating urban centers.

These days, Jason Ticus enjoys many of the other underground cultural experiences that Chicago offers, projects that represent exactly the kind of passion Mr. Ticus feels defines this town. He spends every Saturday volunteering with his local organic co-op, Edible Alchemy, collecting produce from local farmers and delivering them by the carload to families and business such as Bang Bang Pie Shop and Plenty Grocery&Deli.  Often we see a love of food, work and art intertwined, one fine example being “Tuesday Night Dinner” – one of the nation’s most promising underground supper clubs, at which Jason is a regular guest, occasional host and enthusiastic supporter. The city is alive with art, both above and below ground, with projects such as Brave New Art World an arts unification movement centered in the River North region of Chicago, which aims to empower artists, strengthen community, and broaden the art world.  Regardless of neighborhood or venue, with creative catalysts the likes of BrainFrame, Co-Prosperity Sphere and CAD (Chicago Art Department), it’s clear Chicago is a town as expressive and visceral as it is grounded and timeless.

Incredible Sights

Jason Ticus loves the rich cultural history of his beautiful city. It’s a tourist’s paradise!

Global Community

Chicago boasts some of America’s most vibrant and bustling communities, diverse in every sense of the word.

Unbeatable Shopping

As a major metropolitan center, Chicago is home to some of the best shopping and fine dining in the U.S.

Booming Commerce

A heart of American commerce, Chicago allows the ambitious to work in the same city as leaders in virtually every industry.

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